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The Cone Of Silence 2010. The season is off to a great start in Boston! See you in Chicago in July.

2010 Season Is Off To A Great Start

This year the Cone will sail mostly in the Boston area with a third Chicago-Mak Race in the plans. Doug and Berret are thankful for the opportunity to sail with such a fantastic group of extremely talented sailors.

Welcome to the Cone's website... Watch a video or 2 but to get the full experience of sailing an offshore designed sport boat, please read the MoBay team Log!

Meet The Coneheads And The Family
Doug D

Full on Cone experiences...



See More YouTube Videos here: Videos of US 38699

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The 100th Running of Chicago to Macinac

What an amazing race. 400+ boats.. capped only by the RC's need to manage the event. A highlight for all invlved. The Cone got off to a bit of a slow start hanging in the middle of the lake as the wind dissapated on the first night. However a fresh southerly on the 2nd day enabled us to pass 60+ boats.. and move back into striking distance. Sadly we learned that Mackinac Island is actually the epicenter of the world's winds and we lowed the mighty kite once more and beat upwind to the island as we had done the weekend before.. DOH!

Start of Port Huron-Mac

The Port Huron-Mac race provided 130 miles of downwind 'coning' followed by 70 miles upwind in 25-35.  We we impressed with how well the little red boat moved to weather in a blow. She continued to prove her durability and 'brick-shit-house' like qualities. BTW, fresh water rules! Who knew you could finish a distance race and not have salt oozing out every orifice of your body... also the town of Port Huron really knows how to start a sailboat race. There is a carnival like atmosphere with closed streets, open containers, and a spirited bunch of mid-westerners who know how to send a race off. Truly surreal.


The Cone is now in Port Huron, MI preparing for the Port Huron to Mackinac which begins July 12th. Following that she will deliver to Chicago to for the 100th running of the Chicago-Mackinac race.

You can follow her travels thanks to iboat tracker.

2008 Season Highlights

The 2008 season is coming up quickly. This year's program includes a 2 month stay in Boston Harbor, the Figawi race to Nantucket, the 100th anniversary of Chicago-Mackinac & Port Huron Mackinac Races, as well other Newport and Long Island sound staples.

Contact us to enquire about crew and support opportunities or visit our FaceBook Group. GO THE CONE!

New Faces

This year we are welcoming new folks to the conehead regulars. Most of 'em are single so we are happy to pimp 'em for a night, just ask.


2008 Sponsors

The Cone Program is indebted to many people in the marine industry who help make this program happen. We are not a high budget program but rather just a bunch of folks, who in the famous words of Ricky Bobby "Just Wanna go FAST!"

Toast these guys!

NKE, Karver & Lopolight

Ask for Siebo!

Tell Bill the Coneheads sent ya!

The Pineapple Cup, February 16th, 2007 (2nd Overall & Smallest Boat To Finish)


The Cone sailed a solid race in good Cone conditions averaging 9.74 knots over the 811 NM course. She finished just 1 hour and 20 minutes behind the Swan 70 Strabo, 10 hours after line honor winner Bon Bon a R/P 81' and 12 hours and 27 minutes ahead of race winner Carinthia a J120. (Nice job Carinthia!) Results here.

The race left the crew with some fantastic memories. You can read the race log here.

The Coneheads owe special appreciation and many thanks to Chris Woolsey who took great care of us in Fort Lauderdale and to our Montego Bay hosts Jill, Terry, and Caroline. Thank you and Go The Cone!

Also, the race tracking provided by Clark at served over 1500 unique visitors. All races should utilize such a tremendous tool.


The MoBay race is a classic. If you have not done it, it is time to talk your Bermuda ride into trekking south for this awesome ocean race. She often gives you a bit of everything 200 miles upwind, 300 miles reaching 250 miles VMG running -- most all in excellent (warm) weather. So for the Cone, we don't expect a fantastic rating performance, the upwind bit in the 30' footer can be a bit slow (see Newport-Bermuda 06) -- but if we can get 200+ miles of VMG running in 20-30 knots after we round Cuba the trip will have been worth it 10x over.

You can track The Cone on the race course here. Thanks to Clark at

You can see The Cone's 12pm RC update here.

Coneheads for the MoBay race:


The Off-Season: Y.M.S. in Bristol, RI

The Cone spent the 1st half of the winter in indoors at Yacht Management Services. Mike Mullaney has a fantastic shop with every tool imaginable to grind, fabricate, drill and bloody yourself with. If Mike or his son Tommy or his wife Doris do the work for you, you can rest assured it will be done to perfection. If you need a sweet place to keep your ride indoors next winter, ping Mike and tell him "The Cone Sent Me.."

The off-season priorities for The Cone were driven by 5 criteria: 1. Safety 2. Protect the Investment 3. Increase Speed - add go fast juice 4. Improve Program Portability 5. Get ready for Montego Bay. The work list contained over 110 items.

Thanks to Cone regulars Kole, Jesse, and Dave+Diane (aka D^2) the work got done. Also, mad props to Michelle and Atlantic Rigging who dropped by and helped keep our run rigging fresh and ready to go.

2006 Season Recap <brief>

The US boys are beginning to figure out how to tame the wild red cone. Season highlights included being the first boat to finish under 52 feet in the Chicago-Mak race and a sub-3 day delivery back from Bermuda -- DOH! the owners went the wrong way. Also priceless, Andy Turton carding the Prime Minster of Bermuda to get into the RBYC; the 'super-fun' girls in Chicago; and the bizarre realization that the new owners of the Cone are not owners but rather stewards to a kick-ass legacy begun down under by one Jamie Neill. -- ah excuse me .. that is Mr. James Neill (when he is sober.) Apparently, you cannot be a respected barrister if your name is Jamie or so we were told. Friggin PBO's.

JC wrote a good piece for SA on the Chi-Mak Race. Great reading..

We also played with a bunch of terrific sailors and womanising sons of bitches during the season -- L.R. - nuff said; Dave D.; Captain "Brilliant" Kole; Jesse "I like it alone"; Geoff "fast yachts" v.g.; Ben "rigs and tits"; The Warwick Girls; and Captain Ashley (she will kick your ass, but she won't sign a waiver..)

The Cone Sails In Newport
May 6th, 2006: Newport, RI

After a week of tremendous effort at NEB by Eric L and Andy Turton the Cone's keel was dropped into the boat, the bulb attached, the rudder affixed, the rig put up and the boat lowered into the water. Good news, she floats!

It get's better....

On Saturday, Doug, JC, SteveO, Sam, Wiley, and Dave untied her from the dock and raised the sails. Better news, she flies!

Videos of US 38699: In 10, In 18a, In 18b

March 6th, 2006: Newport, RI.
The Cone of Silence is loaded on a container ship and headed to Philadelphia. Scheduled arrival date is April 6th, 2006. GTC.

March 1st, 2006: Newport, RI.
Eric Liebman, Doug Mitchell and J.C. Raby acquire the Australian maxi-killer The Cone of Silence from Jenny and James Neill of Sydney, Australia.

What is the Cone of Silence?

When not busy with Agent 99, Agent 86 would huddle under the Cone of Silence in order to speak secretly with the Chief. Like many conversations with bosses across the globe, nothing Agent 86 ever said was ever heard by the Chief.