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The Cone of Silence is a Reichel-Pugh Super 30

Class Super 30
LOA 9.61m
Beam 3.39m
Keel Draft 2.43m
Mast Height 13.3m
Rig Fractional
Hull & Rig Carbon
Displacement 2324kg
Designer Reichel Pugh
Builder Brenmark Industries
Year Built 12/2002
Sailing Performance
The Cone's design captures the best performance enhancments of modern maxi's. These features are compressed into a light weight, fixed keel, 31.5 foot package.

The Cone sails up wind at 7 knots and has recorded downwind speeds in excess of 24 knots.

The Cone was well-sailed by its first owners, James and Jennifer Neill, and its offshore race record includes regular line finishes in front of a few boats a bit longer.